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Victory Church, Bellbird Park

Victory Church, Bellbird Park

This  was an application for the extension of a Church Hall and a Recreation Sports Hall in a single building at Bellbird Park.

The proposal was to expand a single hall consisting of a Church Assembly Hall, to include additional parking, recreation hall, auditorium and a small playground, for use by the Victory Church.

The parish building was extended for the purpose of adding recreation facilities and expanding the existing church hall.
The hall is located on a lot with an area of 8200m2 and a frontage of ~48m to Redbank Plains Road. The proposal included:

  • a two-storey church hall for use by the Victory Church which would seat up to 432 persons.
  • A small sports hall area for accommodating volleyball, badminton and etc.
  • The facilities in hall on the lower level will include a foyer, offices, kitchen, bathrooms (male, female and disabled), reception area, storage area, serving room, dining room/meeting area and a recreation hall for sports such as badminton and volleyball.
  • The extended mezzanine level contains storage rooms and the air conditioning plant room. 
  • an existing porte-cochere covering drop off point at the entry area to the building.