DEVELOPTHIS has been involved in the production of a number of academic publications related to investigation in the town planning field.  These publications have focused on the social aspects of planning.

1.  An Idea for Delivering Affordable Housing

This paper was published in the Queensland Planner journal in 2010.  It looks at a model for securing new sites for community based land development.  The concepts utilized of community clusters is related t Garden City design principles.


2. Gold Coast Community Development

This paper resulted in an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper.  The paper combines some transit oriented development concepts with community clusters.  It discusses a community funding model designed at making housing more affordable.


3. Community Development Through Design and Social Change

This paper was presented in Fort Lauderdale, USA, as part of a Planning Conference which included figures such as Andres Duany (Leading new urbanist).  The paper discusses the principals of micro-decentralization and the need to establish local community centres by design and social organization.


4. A Self Funding Model for Social Housing in Paraguay

This paper has been presented in Thailand and Greece at Social Housing Conferences. The paper looks at utilizing land value increase as a funding source for social housing providers.


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